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Write a letter complaining against the representative of the store to the Manager.


Dear Sir/Madam


I would like to inform you that I have been a pleased customer with your (store mart) for many years. However, on my last visit (date), I received such poor service that I felt I should bring the issue to your attention.

I would inform you about the incident when I was in the store to purchase a bag of chips and a Cold drink. When I got into the checkout lane, the cashier made me wait for a good ten minutes as she was on the phone talking to a friend. After ten minutes she got off the phone and proceeded to ring me up. However, I was shocked when she billed me (amount, ex. Rs.500) for such a small purchase. When I pointed out that there must be some error, she retaliated by saying that she didn’t set the prices and that if I didn’t like the prices that I should shop elsewhere. Needless to say, I went across the street to the (name of store) for my purchase.

I must admit that I was extremely disappointed with the service and would advice you to kindly address this issue with your cashiers. I enjoy shopping at your store, however if I receive this type of treatment again, I will take my business elsewhere.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



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