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Write a letter to a Company complaining about poor service.



This is to state that I have not received my new credit card, despite being told to get it via mail before (date). This poor service on your part has caused me immense problems ( state problems encountered).

I hope you have heard about the concept of MVC (Most Valuable Customer), which means the customer that you already have (i.e. me). Normally, these are the customers you don't want to lose. After all, research has revealed that it will cost you seven times as much to find a new customer as it does to keep an existing one (i.e. me). What about current "customer-centric" concepts such as One-to-One marketing? Or, have you ever heard of customer relationships management (CRM)?

I would like to know if your company (name of company) is still interested in doing business with me, or should I go about seeking new company so that my business does not suffer. I shall look forward to your reply.




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