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Write a letter complaining against the travel representative to her company about irresponsibe behavior with regard to booking the air ticket.


Dear ---

This is to bring to your notice that after successfully using your agency for many years, I recently experienced a grave problem on your part, which caused me much problem. Therefore, I am writing this letter in order to claim compensation for the same.

I would like to inform you that on (Date) I used Honeymoon Travels to book my honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Your agent, Maggie Trescothic made all of the arrangements for us. She booked my husband and I on the American Airlines flight to Honolulu (Flight no.) on (date), which was scheduled to arrive at 9 am on the morning of (date).

Upon our arrival at the New York Airport, we discovered that our reservations had not been confirmed and the airline had overbooked the flight. Sadly, we were unable to get seats on the plane, which was the last American Airlines flight to Hawaii that day. We were reluctant to book seats on another airline, as we had already paid for this trip in full, using a Visa card (account no.). Our card was charged, yet we had no flight. Unfortunately, our credit limit was inadequate to book a different flight on another airline.

Thus we missed our flight to Hawaii, along with our tour group's departure in Honolulu. We were unable to speak with Ms. Trescothic until two days after our scheduled departure. She was extremely apologetic, but could not explain what had caused the problem. She was unable to book us on an alternative flight to Hawaii on such short notice, but did offer to clear our credit card of all charges. She offered us no further explanations or compensation. It really spoit our mood as Ms. Trescothic's mistake cost us our once-in-a-lifetime chance to fulfill a significant personal dream. In fact, we not only msised the trip; we are still fighting to recover our deposits at the hotel in Honolulu!

Because your agency caused the problems, we expect you to work with us to obtain a satisfactory resolution. Specfiically, we expect you to:

1) Verify that our Visa card has been credited for the (amount) we paid for the aborted honeymoon trip

2) Reimburse us for the two nights we spent stranded at the New York Airport Hilton (amount)

3) Provide us with two first class round-trip tickets on a flight to Hawaii which will be good for the next calendar year (dates of travel to be our choice)

We also expect a full apology from Ms. Trescothic and assurance that she takes responsibility for her error. We have always been loyal to your firm because of the exemplary treatment we have received from you and your attentive staff. We suggest that you coach your staff well in proper booking procedures and in customer relations.

Kindly call me before (date) with confirmation that our requests will be honored. If I don't hear from you, I will report you to the appropriate regulatory agencies in New York and Hawaii.




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