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  A1 Letters  





Write a letter of complaint about inaccessible information or Telecommunication Technology provided by a Governmental Agency.

Dear --

Re: Use of inaccessible technology

This is to inform you that on (date), I tried to use the (name the agency's program/service) at (location, date and other important details of the service). However,   your (name the program/ service) is not accessible to me. I am disappointed because I cannot use (name the feature or function causing the problem) because (describe what happens or does not happen). Since your (name the program, service, or activity) is inaccessible, I cannot (describe how the product's inaccessibility affects your ability to work, etc).

I would appreciate if you try to resolve the problem by (state the specific action you want - modification or replacement of the technology, etc). Kindly contact me if you need additional information. I shall look forward to working with you to find a resolution to my accessibility problem.



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