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Write a letter seeking compensation for damaged frieght.

Dear ---

I have just received your letter dated---- regarding the damaged shipment you received through (name of freight company) and regret the inconvenience that it has caused you.

Considering your account of the problem, I am quite sure that your request for the (amount of money) adjustment on the damage to the three crates of Crystal stemware will be granted. We are aware that some breakage does unavoidably occur in cross-country shipping; and I regret that your company had to suffer the delay.

I would like to inform you to keep the damaged crates in the same condition in which you received them until one of our representatives can inspect them, which is likely to take place within a fortnight.

If all is in order, you can expect the full reimbursement within 2 weeks after our representative's inspection. I hope this unfortunate accident will not keep you from having merchandise shipped by our company in the future.

Thanking you.




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