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Write a letter complaining about garden Polymer Sprayers.

Dear ---


I am writing this letter to you concerning three polymer lawn and garden sprayers that I have purchased within the last two months from the (name of store) in (name of place). The polymer sprayers are XXL Spray-Master two-gallon hand held sprayers, model number and cost me about (amount). I purchased the first sprayer on (date).

However, I am sorry to say that all the three sprayers had a faulty flow control. The handle control that regulates the amount of spray by the amount of pressure applied in the handle is made of plastic. After about two hours of use, the plastic lever controls wear out. I have followed the instructions that came with the merchandise. All three sprayers have had the same problem. I have exchange the first two sprayers a week after each sale. The third one I still have with me and I also have a copy of the receipt and the instructions/parts manual enclosed.

Since this is the only type of sprayer the the store stocks and since the (store name) is the only store in this area that keeps the sprayers, your customers are forced to either buy this faulty sprayer, or go out of town to meet their needs. Therefore, I request that you and your store confront the manufacturer to correct this problem and that you stock a different name brand sprayer. I am also requesting a refund of (amount) for the third sprayer and a follow up with a letter indicating progress on this problem.

I would further say that stocking below-standard products forces customers to seek other sources of merchandise, which foreign markets and out of town businesses are only eager to provide.

Thanking you

Your Sincerely,


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