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Write a letter complaining about problems occurring in the Digital Multimeter.


Dear --


This is to inform you about the problems incurred by me with regard to a Digital Multimeter (DMM) that I recently purchased by mail-order from your (name ofcompany). Since the DMM functions partially, I am requesting repairs, another DMM with comparable features, or a refund equal to the purchase price + C.O.D. charges, and shipping and handling.

I purchased the meter for (amount, ex. $200) via placing a phone order on (date). The meter was delivered on (date) via UPX C.O.D. The total purchase price was (ex, $250.50) and various items were also included with the DMM: one set of meter leads, one power supply cord, and one black nylon-fiber carrying case.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the DMM (Model no.) does not register an accurate voltage or current reading. The other features function exactly as intended, and the fuse that protects the AC circuitry is in good operating condition. However, when a regulated AC voltage or current is applied to the meter leads, the only reading displayed is a low negative value. This is true whether the function switch is set to measure either AC voltage or current.

When I received the DMM, I inspected the packaging in which the meter was shipped, and there was no evidence of damage. Styrofoam inserts were used to protect the meter from any shock during the shipping process. Therefore, I believe that it could be some manufacturing error, which is a temporary malfunction that can easily be fixed.

Your prompt attention and response would be greatly appreciated as I intend to use the meter in conjunction with my job.



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