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Write a letter to the supplier requesting for reschedule time.


Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that on _____, 200__ (date), we sent you our purchase order number ____ (number) for ____ (number and item). Since you confirmed the requested delivery date of (Delivery date), but due to some changes in the (state reason for change), the (item) will be available (time period) earlier.  We will need (number) boxed before (date) and the balance completed by (date). Therefore, we would like to request you to reschedule your production line to work in at least (amount) to meet the earlier delivery date.

I realize that your production schedules are full at this time of the year  but as you know well that a profitable (time of year i.e. harvest) is dependent upon boxing the (item) as soon as they are ripe. Hope you will understand and cooperate with us. We will appreciate your help as we do not want to split the order with another supplier.

Kindly inform me immediately if you can handle it for us.

Best regards,


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