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Write a letter asking another businessman to help in planning a local promotional event highlighting the promotional opportunities for the company.

Dear Sir,

This is to state that as the <Area of business> businesses have to stick together when it comes to promotions, therefore, I am writing to you seeking for your kind assistance.

As you may know, <company name> is putting together <event name>, to be held <event date> at <event location>, it will provide an opportunity to meet and exchange views with other members of the community and generate positive press coverage. Therefore, we would like to get <other company name> on board as an organizer.

We agree there is lot of planning to do, but there are also plenty of benefits from being part of <event name>, from great public relations to a lot of fun for your employees. At this point, we are looking for a company that can <describe needed work>. Kindly inform us if you are interested and if you can share responsibility for holding the project, we would love to have you on board. In case you want to be part of <event name>, kindly give me a call at <phone number> and let's work out the details. I shall look forward to working with you and your staff.

Thanking you.



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