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Write a letter suggesting to other similar corporations to organize a focus group of industry vendors and clients in order to discuss their needs and concerns.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that at (name of Company), we realize that vendor and client feedback is becoming more and more critical to doing business efficiently. This is true to great extent because if we don't know what our customers want, we can't meet their specific demands of products and services. Therefore, I am writing to ask if <other company name> would be interested in helping organize a focus group for a selection of <your industry> vendors and client companies.

The basic outline of my proposal is: <description of focus group>. All you would need to do is contact some of your vendors and clients and find who are interested in voicing their views.

<Work you need from the other party>.

I sincerely believe that such a focus group will let our vendors and clients know that our (name of Company) and <other company name> are committed to serving their needs. It will also provide us with a genuine avenue to greater profitability. I will give you a call <time you will call> to discuss the matter further.

Thanks for your attention.



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