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Write a letter as a measure against being considered liable in any slander or libel judgment.

Dear Sirs,

This is to bring to your kind notice of a matter that may be of some concern to you. <Hiring period> we hired <employee name>. Although <he/she> has been a very satisfactory member of the team here at (name of Company), however, some comments <he/she> has made recently have been unfavorable and may create problems.

It has come to light that <he/she> has been speaking ill about your company to other employees, and possibly even outside. While I respect my staff's privacy, I also do not condone this sort of behavior. I am informing you of it because a brief letter or phone call on your behalf may curtail the negative comments before they cause damage or necessitate legal action. I'm sure you would do the same for us if our positions were reversed. I have already taken action to ensure that <employee first name> knows that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

Thank you.



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