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Write a Letter asking a business colleague to recommend a contractor to do a specific job for your company.

Dear Sirs,

This is to bring to your kind notice that we will soon begin with a very important  (describe the type of project) within the next two months. However, we don't have the skills we need in-house, and don't know of a freelance "writer" or "graphic designer" whom we can trust to deliver the work on deadline. I'd like to know if you've used a such a "writer" or "graphic designer" whom you can recommend to us.

The project will begin about <starting date> and needs to be completed by <completion date>. If you know someone whose work you trust and who would be available for that period, please have him or her call me at <phone number>. I would really appreciate it highly and return the favor anytime.

Thank you.


Your Name 


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