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Write a letter lodging complaint regarding the supply of foods and defective packing.


Dear Sir,


It is to bring to your notice that today we unpacked the goods sent by you against our Order No.________, dated________ and your invoice No.310 dated ________. It is with regret we bring to your notice that items No. 4, 11, and 12 are not according to your samples. Further, against item No. 13, you have mentioned 25 rugs whereas we found only 18 pieces.

In addition, we are sorry to say that packing was so defective and the carton used was so old that it gave away in transit, with the result that item No.4, 5 and 15 has been soiled completely. Thus, iIt won’t be possible for us to sell these items as fresh. We can accept them only if you allow us a discount of 40%. In the meanwhile, goods are lying with us as they have been received, involving no risk on our part.

We shall await an expeditious response from your end. 

Thanking You 

Yours faithfully



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