University Acceptance Letter

Dear Felix

Congratulations on your acceptance to [name of university]! 

You are now challenged with making the very important decision of selecting which college or university you are going to attend. We know that this can often be an extremely difficult decision for the young man or woman about to enter college.

We, at [name], recognize the importance of your decision, and the commitment it entails to learn and develop by means of association with an outstanding center of learning. As awesome as it may sound, this decision may very well have an impact on the quality of your life.

We believe that [name] offers not only a superb educational  experience, but also promotes individual growth and development. [Number] percent of our faculty hold Ph.D.'s or  law degrees and we offer our students over [number] courses. 

We encourage you to visit our campus if you can. If you have  not made a commitment as to which college or university you will attend next fall, I hope you will carefully evaluate the information contained in this letter and seriously consider our  university.

Our very best wishes to you for a successful collegiate  experience, and I sincerely hope you will be joining us here at [name] in the fall.




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