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@ at the rate of
a.a.r against all risks
a/c account
advt advertisement 
art  Article   
A/s Sales Account
A/c Current Account 
B/E   Bill of Exchange 
B/L Bill of Lading  
BP  Bill Payable
C.O.D. cash on Delivery
I.O.U.  I owe you  
E and O.E. Errors and omission Excepted
E.E Errors Excepted
N.B. Nota Bene, take note
P&L  Profit and Loss  
P.N. Promissory Note  
P.S. Postscript
P.T.O. Please Turn Over.
R.S.V.P. Reply if you please
V.P.L  Value Payable Letter
Cr. Creditor
C/S  cases
C.W.D Cash with order
d/a  documents against acceptance.
d/d  days after date
dft draft
do Ditto
d/p  documents against payment
Dr. Debtor
d/s  days after sight
d/y delivery
e.g   for example
f.a.q. fair average, quality free along side ship 
f.o.b free on board
f.o.r free on railway
gro.wt. gross weight
i.e. that is
inv. invoice
L.C  Letter of Credit
m/d months after date
m/s  months after sight
mss manuscript
Pm  premium
Pre. tem. for the time being
Prox  proximo, next month
q.v. quod vide, which see
re. reference to
Req. Registered
s/d sight draft
ult. ultimo, Last month
via by way of
viz namely (videlicet)
c.i.f.  cost, insurance, freight.
A L first class.
Ad. Lib ad libitum-at pleasure.
Ad. Val ad Valorem, according to value
aftn  afternoon
agt  Agent
a.m. antemeridiem, before noon.
amt. amount
bdl bundle
bdth   breadth
bros. brothers
brl. barrel
bt. bought
C.A Chartered Accountant
C.E. Civil Engineer
Cent  Centum, hundred
Cf. reference
C.H.  Custom House
Co. Company
Contr. Contract
Commn commission
C/n Credit Note
Contg containing
C/o Care of
Che.pd.  Carriage paid
Cub. Cubic
Cum.div With dividend
Currt. Current
Consgt Consignment
C/s Case
dept department
deld delayed
dely delivery
dist. discount
divd dividend
dk docks, dark
dks docks   
doz dozen  
doll dollars
etc. etcetra, and the rest
enclo-s enclosures
ex from
ex.div without dividend
exp. express
f..a.e free of all average marine insurance
f.d. free docks (goods to be delivered)
fol. folio
folg. following
f.p.a. free particular average marine insurance
fr. frame
free case no charge for case
ft. foot
gns guineas
hhd. hags head
H.P. Horse Power
H.P.N. Horse power nominal
hrs. Hours
I.O.U I owe you
i.e. id est, that is
id the same
in inch
in re in the matter of
inst. instant, present month
inv. invoice
I.H.P. indicated horse power
in ex. in extenso
ins. insurance
I/O inspecting order
junr Junior 
Ko Killo
Ltd. Limited
Lugg. rail goods rail
Lgth Length
Lb. Pound for weight
  Lit Litre
L.C. Letter of Credit
Lt. Light
Max maximum
med medium
Messrs  Messieurs  
mfg. manufacturing 
mfr manufacturer
Mks. Marks   
Mss. Manuscripts
Mths Months
min  minimum
Vem Con. no one objecting
nom Cap Nominal capital
no. number 
n. near
o.  order
o/a. on account
o/d. on demand
o/o order of
P.c Percent
O/s out of stock
Oz ounce
P.C. Post Card 
Pel Parcel
Per ann Per annum
Per. Pro. by proxy
Pro. Tem  for the time being
PP Pages
Pro   for   
Prox  Proximo
P.O. Postal Order
P.M. afternoon
P.P. Parcel Post
P.V.   Petite vite sse, ordinary goods train.
q.v. quod vide, which see
qual   quality
recd  received   
recpt  receipt
 retd.  returned
R.P. reply paid 
Secy   Secretary   
Senr   Senior
Sr.  Senior
sh  Shilling
Str. Steamer
S/S  Steamship
S.N. Shipping Note
Sq. ft.  square feet
Subs. Cap   subscribed capital
T.L.O.  Total Loss Only
tgm. Telegram
tr. tared weight
yd Yard
yr Years
A.I.C A Associated of the institute of chartered Accountants
A.D.  Ann Domini (in the year of our Lord)
A.L. Autograph Letter
A.L.S  Autograph Letter Signed
A.P. Accociated Press
Apr.  April
A.R. advice of receipt, annual return.
ARP air raid precaution
arr. arrives etc.
Asstt.  Assitant
Aug. August
a.u.n  absque ulla nota unmarked
B.A.  Bachelor of Arts.
B. Agr   bachelor of Agriculture
A.W.O.L Absent Without Leave
BB, BBB double, treble black of pencil-lead
BBC   British Broadcasting Corporation
A.I.R.  All India Radio
B.F.  bloody Fool
BF.  Brought Forward 
bhp brake horse power
B.O.T  Board of Trade
b.s.g.d.g Patented without governemtn guarantee
c.d    Cum dividend
Cent   Centigrade
Cent   Century
Col   Column
Cum  Cumulative
d.  Damn
D.C. Da Capo, repeat from the begining
D.D.D. Dat, dicat, dedicate, gives, devotes, dedicates
Dec.  December
deg  Degree
D.P. Displaced Person
D.R.    Dead reckoning
E.P.T.   Excess profits Tax




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